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neal pinto
neal pinto
"I drew my confidence from even-numbered loneliness...." 
(lyric from "What Are We Doing Here") 

Neal Pinto was born in Winnipeg, Canada to immigrant parents that had a love for music in their blood. Yet he spent his childhood in search of encouragement, his teenage years in search of recognition, and now he attempts adulthood in search of explanations - all along, his only resolve and release being the ability to create music. 
The journey saw him contribute to many bands on Winnipeg's independent scene in many roles over many genres until he finally stepped out with an acoustic guitar as a solo singer/songwriter. After many experiences and various phases of writing, he recorded a collection of quirky apartment demos - which then developed into Neal’s début release – “21:21”. 
It only took 21 minutes and 21 seconds to be taken from the moody opening of “Diapason (Because Of You)”, through the underlying social metaphor of upbeat “Lying”, to a poignant conclusion in "Over:Closure". The music of 21:21 moves in symmetry to the ebb and flow of genuine human feeling. Each song has its own unique quality, but something under the surface lingers to remind us of our own lives in a way.  
Following the positive and influential reception of 21:21, Neal built a home studio to proceed on a new set of "quirky” demos in preparation for a full-length album - which was then put on hold indefinitely in 2009 to accommodate more urgent academic and professional interests in pure-sciences and information technology - still making himself available for hire as both a vocalist and instrumentalist. 
Throughout his career, Neal has lent his abilities as a live and session musician for various homegrown independent and major-label clients such as Chantal Kreviazuk (Sony), Fascade@137db, Garfield Studios, Luke McMaster (Universal), Marc Labossiere, Morris Entertainment, Pushing Daisies and Vav Jungle. He has also collaborated as a composer/producer and songwriter with other artists such as award-winning producer, Chris Burke-Gaffney;  Canadian R&B singer FLO; Ingrid D. Johnson, Bollywood hip-hopper Sunil "IshQ" Bector (Times/Universal); and others. 
His work both in and out of the music industry helped facilitate his return to songwriting and production, with the intention of working on instrumental soundtrack music. Notably so far, Neal recently composed and produced the theme/menu music for CM Softworks' survival-horror videogame, "The Withering" which is available for purchase now on Steam.com. Neal continues to work out of his studio in Winnipeg - collaborating with local and international clients, while gradually finding time to write his follow-up release.


october 2016

Support the Withering!!
CM Softworks is working hard to complete the vision and accelerate the completion of the game's full release, and we need your support.  The full version of the game is expected to feature many more instrumental and ambient vocal pieces by Neal Pinto.  To learn more about the current Kickstarter campaign, donate and share, please click here.

april 2016
Welcome to the new website!! 
march 2016
CLICK HERE to visit Neal's YouTube channel for updated content, including two songs from 2001 - "Burn" and "Turn Away" (the latter of which was co-written with award winning writer/producer, Chris Burke-Gaffney). "21:21" is available in its entirety as a playlist. Also available are several rough demos that never made it anywhere... until now. 

december 2015
"The Withering" is now available for purchase now on Steam.com. Featured within the game is main menu/theme music composed and produced by Neal Pinto. CLICK HERE to see the cinematic trailer on YouTube, featuring Neal's music
november 2015
Neal is now on SoundCloud. CLICK HERE to listen, including tracks from 21:21 and even earlier. Also available are two new instrumental/soundtrack pieces - "Triunfo" and "Saint Tiffany's Prayer".

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